ACJCE shares concerns on IGCEP approval in letter to Country Director for World Bank, Pakistan

  • Calendar Oct 5, 2021

Alliance for Climate Justice & Clean Energy wrote a letter to the Country Director for World Bank, Pakistan, to express the alliance’s serious concerns with the World Bank’s role in country’s latest energy sector crisis.

The letter has been written following the approval of the controversial Indicative Generation Capacity Expansion Plan, 2021-2030 (IGCEP) by Pakistan’s Cabinet Committee on Energy under immense pressure to meet its loan obligations towards the World Bank. The IGCEP has been developed by the National Transmission and Despatch Company as part of its obligations under the Grid Code. Subsequent to this decision, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority also approved the plan in a similarly rushed through process. In its present shape and form, the IGCEP is a flawed plan that has strategized Pakistan’s energy future around expensive fossil fuels and risky hydel projects.

The complete letter written by ACJCE to the World Bank can be accessed here.

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