Parliamentary Caucus

A caucus is an issue-based cross-party platform which brings together parliamentarians who have similar opinions on an issue of extreme national importance, on which their party does not have a strict ideology/stance. Pakistan is under tremendous pressure from its bilateral western donors and multilateral forums such as United Nations, International Monetary Fund and World Bank to leapfrog from its existing smoke-stacked energy production to clean and renewable energy sources. Therefore, there is an urgent need for instituting a parliamentary caucus to ensure climate protection and transition to clean energy sources, while highlighting the plight of communities and regions that are bearing the climatic brunt of the existing energy policies.

This caucus aims to improve policy coordination on the issues of renewable energy and climate justice through committee-style hearings in which policymakers are invited to brief the parliamentarians and answer their questions. It also aims to promote a cross-party critique and discussion within the parliament over the existing policies on renewable energy and climate justice and improve the existing legislation or devise a new one, if required, on renewable energy and climate justice.

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