Alliance for Climate Justice and Clean Energy (ACJCE) realizes that the end to fossil fuels and promotion of clean and green sources like solar and wind energy in Pakistan are crucial to protect both the country and the globe from the perils of climate change. On the basis of this realization, ACJCE has been campaigning for climate justice and green recovery in Pakistan. Under its two-pronged campaign strategy, ACJCE has been endeavouring to end coal and other fossil fuels and promote renewable energy in Pakistan so as to protect the environment and the society at large. The alliance is campaigning for climate justice and green recovery with a focus on following three main objectives:

  1. Highlighting adverse social, economic and environmental impacts caused by the ongoing coal-based energy production projects.
  2. Phasing out of fossil fuels, including oil, gas and imported as well as indigenous coal, for power generation in Pakistan.
  3. Advocating for Pakistan’s transition from coal and other fossil fuels to clean and renewable sources of energy like solar and wind

The alliance members have been drawing attention to these issues through various means and channels. Following are the key components of ACJCE’s campaign for climate justice and green recovery:

key components

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Community voices and struggles

To build the constituency of the coal power issue while enabling the community in raising its social and environmental rights being violated in Thar coal power projects and building wider civil society solidarities for the rights of coal-impacted Thari community

Stakeholder Engagement

To build issue-based civil society alliances/networks, an interface between the communities/CSOs and other stakeholders, especially the companies, banks/financiers, relevant government departments involved in Thar coal power projects, and influence official decision making processes.

Legal Action

Proposing measures to subject fossil-fuel energy projects to a more stringent environmental regulatory framework, broadening the scope of existing environmental laws to encompass the myriad of rapidly unfolding climate change challenges, capacity building of civil society organizations to deal with environmental and related laws, and integrating the voices of communities into the legal discourse of environmental law.

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