Policy brief: Utility-scale renewable energy transformation in Pakistan

  • File ACJCE
  • File Aug 31, 2022

The policy brief intends to assess the uptake of utility-scale renewable energy (RE) transition in Pakistan in light of the already available RE policies namely “Policy for Development of Renewable Energy for Power Generation 2006 (RE policy 2006)” and “Alternative and Renewable Energy Policy 2019 (ARE Policy 2019)”. The ARE Policy 2019 is an extension of RE Policy 2006 and sets the target for RE uptake in the national energy mix of at least 20% by 2025 and 30% by 2030. However, the progress is far behind the set targets with the share of current non-hydro RE standing at only 6% of the total installed capacity. This policy brief, therefore, also intends to identify the barriers that restrict the deployment of RE in Pakistan despite the presence of these policies

In this brief, we first provide the current status of utility-scale RE deployment in the country. We then provide details of existing RE policies and their mandates.  The discussion further evolves into impediments facing the RE uptake. We conclude by presenting some recommendations in the form of viable strategies for capturing opportunities for RE uptake and removal of all forms of barriers.